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We have one of the UK's largest selection of upright and grand pianos by Yamaha. Japanese pianos make an excellent investment due to their very high quality and long life expectancy.

Refurbished Pianos

Our used pianos are completely dismantled for a detailed inspection of all action parts, keyboard, soundboard, frame etc.

Any component that we feel may be detrimental to the quality of the piano is repaired or replaced and the piano is then re-assembled and tuned to concert pitch.

The cabinets are meticulously prepared by our own skilled craftsmen and polished to their original high quality "as new" condition in our purpose built polishing booth.


Our craftsmen and technicians carry out complete piano rebuilds, including frame re-guilding, re-stringing, soundboard repairs and action work. Our Piano refurbishment process has been developed over years of experience

Our piano stock list changes daily. Please click here to see our refurbished piano list and prices.
In our piano showrooms you will find a selection of more than 100 restored upright and grand pianos on display.
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